The WIDI Bud can connect any Bluetooth midi device to all popular platforms.

This specialized low latency dongle is the perfect companion for the Xkey Air or any other Bluetooth MIDI Device.

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Just Plug & Play:

We created WIDI BUD to enable you to easily play and perform music on your setup without wires. The WIDI BUD is a class compliant Low Energy Bluetooth adapter which has been optimized for low latency MIDI music connection. The WIDI BUD will connect with nearly any Bluetooth MIDI device and is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and google chromebook devices. The WIDI BUD was made for the Xkey Air 25 and the Xkey Air 37, but it will work on nearly all Bluetooth MIDI devices such as the Korg microKEY Air, nanoKEY studio, Jamstik+, Yamaha MD-BT01/UD-BT-01, Roland A-01, and more.

Low Latency:

Special minimized latency Bluetooth technology eliminates time lag. Many devices that come with Bluetooth may be outdated and slow, but the WIDI BUD is designed to have minimal latency specifically for playing music. This is possible due to the specialized software inside the dongle’s firmware using the latest Bluetooth. Most prepackaged Bluetooth replies on drivers which are depended on the hard drive and increase lag.


No need to worry about drivers, language settings, 32 or 64 bit issues or slow hard drives. WIDI BUD just plugs into your USB port and it’s ready to go. The WIDI BUD even works great on phones due to the Low Energy Bluetooth that reduces battery drain. see product specifications for full list of compatible operating systems. You’re not limited to connecting our own Xkey Air. The WIDI BUD dongle plays nicely with all other Bluetooth MIDI devices, including the Korg microKEY Air, nanoKEY studio, Jamstik+, Yamaha MD-BT01/UD-BT-01, Roland A-01, etc.

Easy to use:

Our smart implementation of the latest Bluetooth ‘Host’ software means your Xkey Air keyboard (or other Bluetooth MIDI instrument) will pair with WIDI BUD automatically. No more manual scanning and pairing. Several settings for the WIDI BUD can also be configured in the free WIDI plus app.

Key Features:

  • Connects wireless Bluetooth MIDI keyboard automatically to PC, tablet, or phone
  • Decreases input latency
  • widely compatible


  • Dimensions: 17 x 16 x 8 mm
  • Range: 10 meters or 33 feet


Compatible Operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows XP-SP3 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Mac OS X
  • Chrome Version 43.0 or above
  • iOS 4.2 and above. iPhone and iPad require lighting to USB adapter or camera connection kit (sold separately)
  • Android Tablets / Smartphone with Android version 4 or newer may require USB OTG (sold separately)
  • Linux


  • Compatible with USB 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0
  • Connects to a single BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) device



Full Review: CME XKey Air and CME WIDI BUD

choirguy | techinmusiced.com

The XKey Air is incredible. It isn’t a piano (key travel is 1/8 of an inch or so), but for people needing a quality keyboard interface for notation or digital audio workstations–this might very well be the answer. It looks and feels like an Apple product and should be on shelves in the Apple Store.

The WIDI BUD has blown my mind–it can convert nearly any device without Bluetooth Low Energy to a BLE MIDI device: Windows, Android, Mac OS, iOS, Linux, and yes, CHROMEBOOK. And it doesn’t just work with the XKey Air, it will work with any Bluetooth MIDI device (JamStik+, PUC+, mi.1, c.24, etc.).

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Go wireless with the Xkey Air MIDI keyboard: a review

Philip Rothman | Scoring Notes

If you’re on the road a lot, going totally wireless is appealing, and is well worth the premium. But even if you’re at a desktop most of the time like I am, having one fewer cable reduces the clutter in a surprisingly meaningful way. Now my three main input devices — computer keyboard, trackball, and MIDI keyboard — are all wireless for the first time. And, as has been the case with the previous two Xkey keyboards that I’ve reviewed, the Xkey Air has earned a permanent spot on my desk.

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