Hitman HD-10

Hitman HD-10

Full Featured and Affordable Hitman Drums.

Drummers will love the Hitman HD-10 full featured professional grade drum kit. The acoustic drum feel of its rubber mesh Snare and Tom’s plus the remarkable realism of its 350 voices. The easy set up of its light weight, compact and sturdy frame. An array of onboard effects let you tweak and sculpt your sound to your liking – there is so much to like.

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The Hitman HD-10 Performance Kit

The HD-10 Electronic Drum Set offers a full featured performance kit matched with excellent sound and features. The Drum Module is packed with dynamic acousta realism drum voices and onboard extras. Each type of pad is controlled by its own velocity curve to provide a dynamic and consistent response. The internal library of sounds range across pretty much any style – from standard acoustic, rock, reggae, Latin and jazz; to electronic, dance, experimental kits and plenty in between. The professionally sampled instruments were recorded using a selection of close and overhead microphones as well as a wide selection of high-end acoustic drums.

Extremely playable pads offer realistic extras such as a dual-zone snare and tom pads for accurate rimshots, as well as a crash and ride cymbals with choke. The enhanced bass drum system is fast, responsive and accurate. The sturdy, light weight all-in-one drum rack absorbs the vibrations and is built to last.

The Hitman HD-10 has a built-in metronome, and a built-in sequencer with 50 Drum Patterns to play along with. You can Record your performances for later review. The HD-10 has an input jack for connecting, smart phones, tablets, laptops and other audio sources so that you can play along with your favorite songs, while playing through headphones or an amplifier. The USB port allows you to connect your iPad or Laptop to the Drum Module to use with the hundreds of available Apps or you favorite software for an endless collection of sounds and musical possibilities.

• Display: Multi-function Backlit LCD Display
• Polyphony: 64 Notes Polyphony Max
• Voice Control: 583 Percussion Voices, 45 Preset and 5 Custom
• Effect: Reverb type (10), Level, Chorus type (13), Level
• Styles: 50 Styles
• Pad Control: Sensitivity, Threshold, Velocity Curve
• Demo: 2 Songs
• Accessories: Sticks, Headphones, USB cable
• Optional Accessories: Drum Throne, Master Carton
Pad Specifications:
• Hi Hat: 10″
• Crash: 10″ (Rim shot and Choke)
• Ride: 12″ (Rim shot and Choke)
• Tom Pad: 9″ (Rim shot)
• Snare Pad: 10″ (Rim shot)
• Kick Pedal: 5″