Artesia ARB-6 Back Pack Recording Studio

Artesia ARB-6 Back Pack Recording Studio

2-in x 2-out USB Audio Interface Studio Bundle

Record Anywhere! With the unique form factor of the Xkey this bundle allows you to leave the house with a complete recording studio. Simply take your Xkey and premium software on the road and make some music.

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Recording Studio in a Backpack Bundle

Artesia Recording Studio in a Backpack

Fast and simple way to lay down your tracks

A complete mobile studio on the go. Produce industry quality with full freedom and no limitations. The Backpack Recording Studio from Artesia is a kit that allows the user to start making music right away on a Mac/Windows and Ubuntu computers. This package offers a full recording studio that's less than 5 pounds.

Includes all connecting cables and everything needed to start recording right out of the box

Bundle Inculdes:

CME Xkey Portable MIDI Controller

CME Xkey

Go where the music takes you. Meet the ultimate MIDI mobile keyboard. Featuring an ultra-slim lightweight design, the XKey is made for creation wherever inspiration strikes you. From the studio to your living room and everywhere in between; this keyboard brings professional performance anywhere. Available in 2 octaves (25 real size keys) or 3 octaves (37 real size keys) simply plug the Xkey into your device and play with the best apps. Xkey is a fully compliant, USB MIDI controller. The Xkey sets you free.

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Artesia A22XT Audio Box


This interface lets you record high-resolution 24 bit 96KHz audio to your laptop and other USB devices. The Artesia A22xt is a professional 24-bit audio interface, offering maximum flexibility as a fully bus powered USB device with pristine audio quality. It features 2 analog inputs and 2 analog output channels with RCA connections, a microphone preamplifier with XLR input and support for +48V phantom power, a HI-Z instrument input for guitars (and others), a high quality headphone output and TRS line outputs.

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Artesia AMC-10 Condenser Microphone

Artesia AMC-10

The Artesia AMC-10 Professional cardioid condenser microphone that is both very quiet and sensitive. The low self noise allows you to give your work the dynamics it deserves. This mic can handle the extremes from ultra-sensitive to ultra-loud. The AMC-10 can handle 135dB SPL so you can rest assured that even in front of loud guitar cabinets, your recording won’t distort due to overload. The versatile, durable Artesia AMC-10 is a great choice for all studio applications.

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Artesia AMH-11 Studio Monitor Headphones

Artesia AMH-11

These Headphones are recommended for mixing, studio monitoring and anywhere that acute listening may be required. You are going to love the feel, performance and ultimately the sound of the Artesia AMH-11 Studio Monitoring Headphones. Artesia AMH-11 Studio headphones produce an extremely wide dynamic range with its highly efficient transducers that deliver spectacular detail and amazing sensitivity. The leather headband and ear cups provide comfort for long periods of listening.

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Artesia A-17 Backpack

Artesia AMH-122

Sized to fit laptops with up to 17 inch displays with practical organization for everything else you need to carry. Expansive interior storage holds audio box interface, headphones and/or tablet devices. Adjustable shoulder strap and grab handle allow for easy transport. Streamlined styling and smartly features add up to minimalist footprint.

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Bitwig 8-track

Bitwig 8-Track

Bitwig 8-Track, the trim and effective digital audio workstation to start producing, performing, and designing sounds like a pro. 8-Track includes the entire collection of Bitwig Studio devices for use on up to eight project tracks with audio or MIDI. Connect your controller, record your instrument, produce simple arrangements, design new sounds, or just jam.

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Arturia Analog lab

Arturia Analog Lab

Imagine conveniently having all the keyboard and synth sounds you need for a gig or session all in one place on your computer. No racks. No stacks. Analog Lab gives you streamlined tag-based access to 500+ of the hottest piano voices from the award-winning V Collection of 17 faithfully modeled vintage keyboard-including combinations and effects. Analog lite is the best of sounds from Artuia's V Collections classic keyboard collection.

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  • CME Xkey
  • Artesia A22XT Audio Box
  • Artesia AMC-10 Condenser Microphone
  • Artesia AMH-122 Studio Monitor Headphones
  • Artesia A-17 Backpack
  • Bitwig 8-track
  • Arturia Analog Lab