Artesia AG-50

Artesia AG-50

The Artesia AG-50 Micro Grand piano is a timeless centerpiece with a 4' cabinet that is a stunningly beautiful addition to your living area and the focal point of any home décor.

It is more than just a instrument, it is an elegant entertainment center that brings sophistication and fun for the whole family to enjoy.

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Artesia AG-50 Mirco Grand Digital Piano Overview

Artesia AG-50 absolute expression

If you’ve always wanted to own a grand piano for your home but were deterred by the high cost, then the new Artesia AG-50 is just for you. It has an elegant, polished ebony 4’ cabinet that has the stature of a classic grand piano with timeless elegance and graceful appearance. The Supra Sound Sampling technology offers dynamic piano sound. The Natural Balanced hammer action keyboard offers a satisfying playing experience. Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream songs from your tablet, phone, or laptop through its 6 speaker concert hall sound delivery system. The AG-50 also includes a host of learning features plus various piano apps for all ages. The Artesia AG-50 is a stunningly beautiful addition to your living area and the focal point of any home décor that is fun for the whole family to enjoy.

Polished Ebony Cabinet

Artesia AG-50 polish

The Artesia AG-50 features a hand crafted 4’ Grand Piano cabinet that is a stunning addition to any room or home décor. Its beautiful polished hand rubbed Ebony Gloss Finish gives a deep, rich luster. The fallboard is designed so that that the panel controls can be completely hidden – making the instrument appear like an acoustic grand piano!


Artesia AG-50 hammer board

The Artesia AG-50 natural balanced hammer action keyboard brings the feel of an acoustic piano to your finger tips. Its advanced hammer action design offers excellent response and smooth playability that will satisfy even the seasoned professional musician. Piano teacher approved!

Expressive Piano and other Instrument Voices

Artesia AG-50 many instrument instrument

The Artesia AG-50 has a beautiful 3 layer Supra Sound sample that gives the depth and expression of an acoustic grand piano. The instrument samples are recorded from actual acoustic instruments offering 3 layer and 3D sampling. There are 136 instrument samples such as EPiano, Harp, Vibes, NGuitar, Organ, Strings, Bass, and many more.

Play Along Accompaniment

Artesia AG-50 record player*

The Artesia AG-50 automatically produces full backing parts. It’s like having an expert band playing with you, following your every move and chord change.

Music Recorder and a 180 Song Library

Artesia AG-50 record player*

An easy-to-use internal song recorder will save your playing or sudden inspiration at any moment with just a touch of a button. For more advanced projects, the Multi-track Recorder offers a full 16-tracks of recording channels. The included Jump Drive (as shown) has over 180 Jazz, Classical, Holiday and popular songs that you can play anytime you want to set the mood. Whether it is entertaining a party, enjoying a glass of wine or possibly a romantic dinner for two the Artesia AG-50 can create great atmosphere.

Bluetooth Compatible

Artesia AG-50 bluetoof

The Artesia AG-50 is Bluetooth compatible and allows you to play along with your favorite songs or turn your piano into a home entertainment center for the whole family to enjoy. Simply adjust your Bluetooth device (smart phone, tablet or laptop) to play through the pianos 6 speaker, concert hall sound delivery system.


Artesia AG-50 connect 30

The Artesia AG-50 offers a variety of connectivity options. It has two convenient USB Ports and comes with a thumb drive that is loaded with hundreds of pre-recorded songs that you can playback for your listening pleasure. Great for setting the mood at dinner or cocktail party, but you can also use it to record your practice or performance sessions for later review. Additionally there are many other ports such Aux In, Aux Out, Line In Control and more.

Duet Function

Artesia AG-50 singing

The Duet Function allows both the teacher and student to play simultaneously. The Piano is divided into two keyboard areas, which allow both teacher and student to play the same note in the same octave. The pedal function also changes so that the left and right pedals are now designated as sustain pedals for both teacher and student to use.

Built-In Piano Teacher

The Artesia AG-50 has a “Play Along Song” feature that is a fun way to enhance your playing skills. It has over 50 familiar, standard play along songs that will let you practice playing with your left and right hand separately at first, then playing with both hands simultaneously until you have learned the musical piece.

Have a Fun Learning Experience Like Never Before.

Artesia AG-50 very fun

There has never been a better time to learn how to play a musical instrument. With the advent of laptops and tablets it is easier than ever before to immediately start to learn how to play piano from fun musical game apps. Many of these apps can be used via the USB ports on the piano or some can also wirelessly detect the sound coming from your Artesia AG-50.

Learning Software Included

Artesia Pianos has joined together with JoyTunes software company to Include their award winning Apps “Simply Piano” and “Piano Maestro” into this piano bundle. These apps are only compatible with your iPad, however there are many other Apps for Android, Windows and Mac available.

Piano Maestro App Included for the iPad

Artesia AG-50 sell outs

Piano Maestro is the number 1 piano learning app in the world and a great platform for beginners to learn piano for kids of all ages. Download Piano Maestro to your iPad and place it on your piano and start enjoying the special Artesia popular song package (30 songs from Madonna to Mozart). With Piano Maestro you will have fun and learn piano right away.

To see what is included with the Artesia AG-50 see the Specifications tab

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Artesia
  • Finish: Elegant Hand Polished Ebony Gloss Finish
  • Keybed: Natural Balanced Hammer Action Keyboard
  • Touch Sensitivity: 5 Levels, Fixed
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Recording: Multi Track Music Recorder
  • Voices: Over 130 instrument voices
  • Tones: 136
  • Rhythms: Over 99 Rhythm Accompaniment Patterns
  • DSP Effects: Reverb, Chorus, Echo, Phase, Tremolo
  • Metronome: Built in
  • Metronome Function: 2/2, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 6/8, 12/8
  • Pedals: 3
  • Pre set Songs: 50
  • Speakers: 6
  • Speaker Watts: 75 per side
  • Dimensions (lid open): 55.75” W x 48” D x 64” H
  • Dimensions (lid semi open): 55.75” W x 48” D x 45.25” H
  • Dimensions (lid closed): 55.75” W x 48” D x 36” H
  • Piano Weight: 240 lbs.
  • Bench Dimensions: 30.75” W x 15.5” D x 20.5” H
  • Bench Weight: 26 lbs.

What’s Included:

  • Matching Hi Gloss Duet Bench with Storage
  • Play Along Songbook
  • Thumb Drive with 100’s of prerecorded songs
  • Piano Maestro & Simply Piano Apps for iOS
  • USB Cable
  • Assembly Guide and Instruction Manual
  • Assembly Tools